Haochen Wang

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Pixel Consensus Voting for Panoptic Segmentation
Haochen Wang, Ruotian Luo, Michael Maire, Greg Shakhnarovich,
CVPR 2020

We frame pixelwise prediction for instance centroids as classification over discrete spatial cells.
Voting as Transposed Convolution; Backprojection as Filtering.
Code in detectron 2 format coming soon.

DIODE: A Dense Indoor and Outdoor DEpth Dataset
Igor Vasiljevic, Nick Kolkin, Shanyi Zhang, Ruotian Luo, Haochen Wang, Falcon Z. Dai, Andrea F. Daniele, Mohammadreza Mostajabi, Steven Basart, Matthew R. Walter, Gregory Shakhnarovich
Technical Report
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DIODE (Dense Indoor and Outdoor DEpth) is a dataset that contains diverse high-resolution color images with accurate, dense, far-range depth measurements.