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  1. 2023-12
    PAC bounds can be misleading for big data

    The validation bound says that we only need 5000 samples to verify within 1% error. It is a bit paradoxical for big data.

  2. 2023-01
    Denoiser parameterization for diffusion models: V-param. Karras-param. F-param.

    The denoiser parameterizations are somewhat confusing, and some of them are the same / with only minute differences. We keep to one set of notations to compare them apples-to-apples.

  3. 2022-08
    Tweedie's formula

    Diffusion models are making waves. A core concept is conditional mean / weighted nearest neighbor.

  4. 2022-01
    Intersection of 2 lines in 3D

    In 2D, cross-product of 2 lines gives the intersecting point. Cross product of 2 points gives the common line. Here we generalize it to 3D and beyond.

  5. 2021-10
    An easier way to look at differential forms and determinants

    Textbook definitions of forms and determinants are easier for analysis. For computation, I am trying some more algorithmic mnemonics.

  6. 2021-05
    What I like about Julia

    The class this semester is using Julia. Some thoughts on its trade-offs.

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